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The Annexcafe Webring Network is made up of Homesites for Annexcafe, its staff, honored artists and community members.

Welcome to Annexcafe.
We have over 300 newsgroups & over 50 chatrooms.
We are an international, non-profit, family oriented server. Some areas are mildly rated, but are so labeled and porn is NOT permitted.
Join us today!

Annex Technologies can not be held responsible for the content of websites outside their domain.

Member Sites 154
Three Days 42
Two Weeks 440
Eight Weeks 1174

The Annex Cafe Webring

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    Come see all the groups and chats that Annexcafe' has to offer! A great place to begin your Annexcafe News group experience Each group has created a page and posted it here to give newcomers an idea of what their groups are about.

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    Online support for members of Al-Anon or anyone who thinks that alcohol is causing problems in his/her family

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